Haha Sounds Collective is a choir and accompanying instrumental group with roots in jazz, soundtrack and avant-garde music. Since early 2018 they have assembled regularly at Wilton Way Studio and Total Refreshment centre to develop ensemble music that draws inspiration from the late 60s and early 70s golden age of psychedelic music. Writing original compositions and reworking cult material, groove and harmonic experimentation form the backbone of their repertoire. In these troubled times, the group also seeks a devotional outlet: secular music made sacred in invocations for a more harmonised world.


It makes sense, then, that the centrepiece of the current Haha repertoire is David Axelrod’s 1970 album Earth Rot. The third in a trio of albums he produced for Capitol Records, it forecasts a man-made ecological disaster. With lyrics adapted by his son Matthew Axelrod from the Old Testament book of Isiah and an early Navajo creation legend, these “ancient yet timely words,” were a response to Axelrod’s vision of imminent end-times. The music is propelled by heavy jazz grooves, but is sweeping and expansive, with all the drama of tightly orchestrated ensemble playing. The choral accompaniment is at times angelic, at others lamenting, with spoken word passages dubbed out for the psychedelic Armageddon.

The Haha Sounds repertoire also includes music by French Art Pop group Cortex, the soundtrack works of Alain Goraguer, and the soundtrack from Senegalese cult film Touki Bouki (1973).

Over the last year and a half the choir and band have grown organically from the musical community around Wilton Way Studio, where Haha Bassist Syd Kemp is head engineer. The space, located in a former pub in the heart of Hackney, is a musical home for many involved, and acts as Haha HQ.

Haha Sounds Collective is: Victoria Rose Hambett, Arthur Sajas, Syd Kemp, Cedric Monzali, Andrew Bunsell, Adam Beach, Amo Vaccari, Nathan Piggott, Jack Shelton, Cassie Layton, Joseph Stone, Alan Maguire, Alex McKenzie, Clémentine March, Yu Sato, Marie Merlet, Sil Fiore, Emma Divine, Sarah Impey, Cathy Lucas, Kandice Holmes, Laetitia Sadier, Ursula Roberts, Charley Sharp, Ezequiel Claverie, Thomas Broda, Mattheiu Beck, Joel Abramson, Milan Monk, Dimitrios Ntontis, David Joyson, Hannes Plattmeier Anthony Kastelanides. 


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